Outsourcing Social Media Marketing: Planning Ahead To Make Your Life Easier

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The growing popularity of social media websites makes them attractive channels for promotion, lead generation and customer service hubs. Due to the strength of social media and the expertise that virtual assistants (VA) pour in for their clients’ businesses by using the best social networking sites, outsourcing social media marketing to these skilled VAs is also becoming a budding trend. Nonetheless, the word “best” should always be considered if you want to outsource any efforts for social media marketing for you to reap more productive results compared to your competitors who are also taking advantage of the social media marketing craze.

The following are some helpful pointers you need to ponder on to make a wise decision that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Choose a credible social media expert

Many are called but few are chosen as the saying goes. This also applies to outsourcing social media marketing. Several people will claim that they are “social media experts.” You should know who the real deal is. A social media expert should be able to present you with a social media marketing plan that you can thoroughly understand, and be involved with. The essence of social media is interaction so it would be wise that you are involved in the effort.

Testimonials from current clients of an outsourcing company can also be helpful for you to make a sound choice. Testimonials and kudos from other clients that they’ve worked with will give you the assurance that you are hiring someone who knows that they are doing.

It would be wise if you chose the company that makes you feel the most comfortable in answering all of your questions. Once you agree on a deal, you need to feel as if you have left your brand in the right hands that will nurture and make it grow.

Consider the strengths of site

Before choosing a particular social networking site, you should have a clear vision first. Since you know your business the best, ask yourself questions like “How will Twitter help your business?” Evaluate the site’s functionality and how you can utilize it as a tool to fulfill your needs. Do a thorough analysis and once you’ve decided what social media matches your needs and wants, that’s the time to relay the objectives, needs and wants to a virtual assistant to transform your dreams into reality. Your virtual assistant will also help you in the decision making by providing his own insights and strategic plans. In such ways, you will have fruitful interactions that will benefit your company.

Know your target market’s preference

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Do research by going to different social networks and try to search for your brand and/or keywords. Try to see if people are talking about them on whatever sites. Be aware of your competitors. Try to look for social sites they are using. Also, try to see if they have attracted several followers or if people are talking about them in whatever sites they may be using. Base your decisions on numbers and facts. You can also ask your customers about social media they are using or prefer back up your data.

Match specific goals with specific time

It would be very useful if you a match a particular goal with an ideal time that it needs to be achieved. Say for example if you use Facebook for your promotional campaign; give your virtual assistant some goals, like gaining 500 fans in one months time. If you prefer Twitter, set a specific goal like 2 relevant tweets a day related to your business which followers find interesting and which they can retweet. In such way, you can monitor the progress of your social media efforts.

Outsourcing social media services often provides the best solution for companies that have limited resources when it comes to time and social media expertise. The trick is to know the best social media platform for you and to tap the services of social media experts who can deliver. The pointers mentioned above are made to make outsourcing social media marketing easier.