LinkedIn vs. Facebook: How the Battle Affects BPO Social Media Marketing

How to Create a Company BlogSocial media marketing has become a dominant force in promoting a companies’ relevance in the eyes of potential customers. Based on statistics, companies intend for their social media marketing budgets to encompass almost 20% of their entire marketing budget, and another 15% of the marketing budget spent on online advertising.

Due to the buzz social media generates, several companies (yours not exempted) are unknowingly giving excess time, effort and money in handling social media marketing efforts when in fact, life is easier with BPO social media marketing.

What is BPO?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It implies getting an outside business entity to perform your job. Bottom-line is, you do not really need to spend loads of effort, time and money to pay all of your task force for benefits and the like, because you can outsource the process to employees abroad.

Advantages of BPO

Outside providers offer quality work carried out in a lesser amount of time. Their goal is to provide the very best service or else, they would not have any business at all. By engaging in BPO, you can conserve more of their time and utilize that extra time for other more valuable jobs and business processes. This is perfect for social media marketing tasks that require time and effort to reap rewarding results.

Now that you already have an in-depth idea on how BPO social media marketing can help you, you should also be aware of what’s new in the social media world.

Battle Royale

Social Media

Since companies are spending considerable amount of money on their social media marketing campaigns, social media sites are vying for a greater share of the pie. Of these social media sites, Facebook and LinkedIn define the term “competitive rivalry as its best.” Both sites are studying each other’s strengths and loopholes to gain competitive advantage.

By common knowledge, you know that LinkedIn was created as a closed and trusted networking site for professionals while the root of Facebook was focused on college students’ interaction.

LinkedIns’ Strategy

The battle started when LinkedIn came up with their new enhanced Company Pages. This is slightly similar to a FB Page ad, only the “Like” is replaced with a “Recommend” button. This feature also contributes to the sudden rise in the number of followers for certain companies registered in LinkedIn. To give you a clear comparison, HP has amassed over 160,000 followers in their LinkedIn Page.  That’s only a little less than the 170,000 fans HP’s FB Page has.

Facebooks’ counter attack

Due to the changes LinkedIn made, Facebook made a move. Facebook announced the arrival of its new personal profiles.  The new profile doesn’t only provide a professional headline summary similar to LinkedIn, it also highlights your work experience by entering the various projects you have worked on and tagging the people that you worked together with.  It was immediately implied that Facebook was going after the professional demographic.

LinkedIn’s added assault

LinkedIn made another bold move by coming up with analytics for company pages similar to Facebook Insights, as well as adding an Admin Panel similar to what Facebook pages have.  Moreover, LinkedIn announced a new widget that can now be installed on any website to let you “Recommend” your products and services on LinkedIn from anywhere.

LinkedIn is eyeing to unleash their next weapon for business against Facebook: Public LI Groups.  This aims to share content from the outside world into the professional networking much easier via the new official LinkedIn Share Button, which can now be easily embedded into websites similar to Twitter’s ReTweet and the FB Share button.  This is more beneficial compared to FB Share button since it allows you to share website content to your profile as well as directly to LI Groups.

Clearly, LinkedIn is sizing up its gargantuan rival. How will Facebook strike back? You should watch these developments closely since it will amass an enormous impact on your BPO social media marketing effort and for you to make the most of the advantages social media marketing services offers.