Outsourcing YouTube Services: Five Ways A Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Create A World Of Difference For Your Business

youtubeIf a picture paints a thousand words, how much can a video paint?

Perhaps a million. If that is true, then YouTube video marketing makes a lot of sense. For years, this social media platform has been an effective venue for business owners to introduce their products or services to the buying public. Everyone wants to stand out and leave a mark. Pictures may be helpful for that purpose but sometimes, they’re not enough to convey what you feel or think.

What makes a video more appealing is its combination of motion and words. And in this busy world where people would rather watch than read, having your presence felt in YouTube would be a wise idea. As of 2010, it is reported that it has attracted 2 billion viewers per day around the world. What a big figure!

From a business standpoint, that big number translates into limitless sales potential. Videos’ power to convey messages and YouTube’s power to draw audiences are a lethal combination you cannot simply ignore. Everybody wants to jump in this wonderland of opportunities, including your competitors. But how can you and your business be notable in YouTube? You may think that’s difficult. Well, not really. Someone can do all these tasks for you. Outsourcing YouTube marketing to a virtual assistant (VA) will benefit you in so many ways. Here are some things your VA can do for you.

Add creativity to your material

You’re virtual assistant can either conceptualize and create an attractive video promoting your company or if you already have one, your virtual assistant can further improve it to make sure that it can magnetize YouTube viewers.

Make sure that all components work

Titles, tags, and descriptions are vital to have a good YouTube video. Your titles should stand out to the viewer when they are surfing through videos. And not only that. They should also be based on search engine optimization principles. Your virtual assistant can take care of that and they will see to it that all of these components are holding together to make your video highly optimized.

Add excellent content to your site

social mediaOne way to attract viewers is by constantly giving them excellent content and at the end let them know about your site. Your VA can surely do this for you by working with the description of your video which can be linked to your website. Detailed tags will be wisely used explaining what your video is all about. This will not only give your video a higher rank on YouTube searches, it will provide for the possibility that your video will also be ranked on an actual Google search.

Provides Constant Interaction

Your VA will constantly search for other popular videos to make comments on. This will make people respond to you and begin to look at your videos. When people make comments to what you’ve said, this also brings attention to your site.

Asking questions will make people feel motivated to comment on your video. When you get a lot of comments, video responses to your video, ratings and favorites, this will create a chain reaction. People will start to talk about your videos.

Keeps Your Audience Interested

When people find your video interesting, they will most likely be anticipating other good videos from you. A virtual assistant will keep your audience interested which will lead huge amounts of traffic from your YouTube videos to your website. Your VA will make sure that each and every video upload will generate traffic to your site.

Outsourcing YouTube services may sound vague at first but if you look at the whole picture, you will see that it gives you the attention you’ve been anticipating. Social media services from virtual assistants will not only help you paint the whole picture. It will make the picture move by turning it into a video.

An Outsourcing Guide For Small Business Social Media Marketing

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Records have shown that almost half of small businesses all over the globe haven engaged and attracted a potential client through social media. Having this data in mind, off shoring social media marketing will play host for further gains of small businesses around the world.

Because of the rapid growth and global reach of social media an organization can now be able to cater and provide products similar to that of larger business. Much of the focus is given to the process of starting up. In line with this, the process of offshoring would be a much easier task to accomplish as social media marketing begins within the fundamentals.

How can you achieve this?

Accomplish small task

One of the best features a small enterprise can offer is to accomplish series of jobs at hand in a compact manner. You can always chunk the small work duties into one without compromising the effectiveness and efficiency of the product yield. Furthermore, you create value for harnessing fundamental skills that would be most helpful as you extend and grow into a larger and more complex business. Big organizations would consider every task available as one big pile to be done. They’re more concerned on taking down a task with no prior value on the fundamentals that will basically produce potentially sound and marketable products.

Failing is Inevitable

In starting out at the lowest point, there’s always the principle: “there is no other way but up.” A small business is open to the prospect of failing or not achieving the expected outcome they want to achieve. Social media marketing tasks will be laid out with the same premise. You have to set goals that are grounded within the proximity of your business plan. Here, failures or mistakes done can easily be solved and can be a learning chance for the workforce at the same time.

Flex Feature

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Social media is such a dynamic medium that it changes on an almost daily basis. Being able to adapt to the diverse change of trends it can give a good ounce of edge for you. Small businesses can get into the happening and adapt to any situation at a given time. They can be able to conform into the present circumstance that would help ease out relegation of tasks.


Marketing, for one, entails attracting and building relationship with your clients.  A big business, however, does not take the same principle as they’re not into the hoopla of customer conquests. They’re more on the mission to add a big lump of accounts in their everyday net profit gains. Social media marketing through offshoring can very well take on the task of reaching out to social networks that could offer the best visibility for your business products.

Dare to be bold

It is all about the drive and the guts to stand up to the competition and ignite the startup engine on your way towards bringing the best possible service in the market. Big commercial enterprises are bound with certain limitations that make it impossible for them to step up to the plate and risk it all out. Social Media Marketing offshoring should be the backbone to catapult a firm market stand capable of yielding the best service/product as per demand by the commercial market.

It is ideal to get into the offshoring industry even with small business functions as you try to relegate tasks that would be most basic within the whole business framework and outlook. Social Media Marketing is your driving force into acquiring the best strategic business growth. Moreover, some social media services can also be given a thorough look for foolproof activities. In the end, a small business aided with in-depth business know-how can reap substantial rewards.

LinkedIn vs. Facebook: How the Battle Affects BPO Social Media Marketing

How to Create a Company BlogSocial media marketing has become a dominant force in promoting a companies’ relevance in the eyes of potential customers. Based on statistics, companies intend for their social media marketing budgets to encompass almost 20% of their entire marketing budget, and another 15% of the marketing budget spent on online advertising.

Due to the buzz social media generates, several companies (yours not exempted) are unknowingly giving excess time, effort and money in handling social media marketing efforts when in fact, life is easier with BPO social media marketing.

What is BPO?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It implies getting an outside business entity to perform your job. Bottom-line is, you do not really need to spend loads of effort, time and money to pay all of your task force for benefits and the like, because you can outsource the process to employees abroad.

Advantages of BPO

Outside providers offer quality work carried out in a lesser amount of time. Their goal is to provide the very best service or else, they would not have any business at all. By engaging in BPO, you can conserve more of their time and utilize that extra time for other more valuable jobs and business processes. This is perfect for social media marketing tasks that require time and effort to reap rewarding results.

Now that you already have an in-depth idea on how BPO social media marketing can help you, you should also be aware of what’s new in the social media world.

Battle Royale

Social Media

Since companies are spending considerable amount of money on their social media marketing campaigns, social media sites are vying for a greater share of the pie. Of these social media sites, Facebook and LinkedIn define the term “competitive rivalry as its best.” Both sites are studying each other’s strengths and loopholes to gain competitive advantage.

By common knowledge, you know that LinkedIn was created as a closed and trusted networking site for professionals while the root of Facebook was focused on college students’ interaction.

LinkedIns’ Strategy

The battle started when LinkedIn came up with their new enhanced Company Pages. This is slightly similar to a FB Page ad, only the “Like” is replaced with a “Recommend” button. This feature also contributes to the sudden rise in the number of followers for certain companies registered in LinkedIn. To give you a clear comparison, HP has amassed over 160,000 followers in their LinkedIn Page.  That’s only a little less than the 170,000 fans HP’s FB Page has.

Facebooks’ counter attack

Due to the changes LinkedIn made, Facebook made a move. Facebook announced the arrival of its new personal profiles.  The new profile doesn’t only provide a professional headline summary similar to LinkedIn, it also highlights your work experience by entering the various projects you have worked on and tagging the people that you worked together with.  It was immediately implied that Facebook was going after the professional demographic.

LinkedIn’s added assault

LinkedIn made another bold move by coming up with analytics for company pages similar to Facebook Insights, as well as adding an Admin Panel similar to what Facebook pages have.  Moreover, LinkedIn announced a new widget that can now be installed on any website to let you “Recommend” your products and services on LinkedIn from anywhere.

LinkedIn is eyeing to unleash their next weapon for business against Facebook: Public LI Groups.  This aims to share content from the outside world into the professional networking much easier via the new official LinkedIn Share Button, which can now be easily embedded into websites similar to Twitter’s ReTweet and the FB Share button.  This is more beneficial compared to FB Share button since it allows you to share website content to your profile as well as directly to LI Groups.

Clearly, LinkedIn is sizing up its gargantuan rival. How will Facebook strike back? You should watch these developments closely since it will amass an enormous impact on your BPO social media marketing effort and for you to make the most of the advantages social media marketing services offers.

How to Outsource Twitter Marketing: Get the Results You’ve Been Wishing For

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Everyone wants to be a leader

Who wouldn’t want to be heard and get the attention of many and become the thought leader in their industry? For you to become one, of course you need to have followers. In the said process, you need be a follower yourself. This is how things go before the internet was invented and now it’s highlighted with the emergence of social media. Let’s have a quick view about how to outsource Twitter marketing for your leadership aspiration to be alive and kicking.

Twitter: Attention Grabber

Since its creation in March 2006 and its launch in July 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and is continuously growing. It is estimated that Twitter has 190 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day and handling over 800,000 search queries per day. Because of this, some people refer to twitter as “SMS of the Internet.”

190 million users is not just a mere number. It translates to life-size opportunities for you to be heard and for your business to be known. More followers means a greater selling potential. Of course, you can’t just create a twitter account and will just wait for people to find you and start following you for no reason at all. You need to invest your time (or, someone else’s time). In fact, you may need to invest a lot of it.

You Can Outsource Your Twitter Marketing

Virtual Assistant

The first concern that you may have in mind are time constraints. You’re busy attending to multiple tasks. How then can you attract several Twitter followers when in the first place, you cannot even follow your own pace? The line sounds good, right? Not only because it rhymes but mainly because it will tickle your mind. Have you ever thought of outsourcing?

Yes, outsourcing your Twittering marketing is an excellent option for you to boost the chances of gaining several followers. If you have someone who will do this time consuming task for you, you can concentrate on other matters. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Oh, and if you notice, twitter has a bird for its logo so it pays off to capture this bird’s users.

Now that you have understood the point, you are now asking about how to outsource Twitter marketing. It’s just plain and simple. First, you just need to lay down exactly the specific results you want and expect. Lay down the details of your Twitter requirements. After this, you must find competent people who can understand your business model and adapt to your requirements at the soonest possible time. We call them virtual assistants. A big advantage of outsourcing are its guaranteed high quality results with low cost.

What Your Virtual Assistant Offers

Your virtual assistant has all the time in the world to promote your business. They will find ways to attract followers by posting relevant tweets related to your business. You virtual Assistant can perform the following tasks for you:

  1. Keep in touch with bloggers / media.
  2. Monitor your company / brand on Twitter.
  3. Announce specials, deals or sales.
  4. Promote blog articles, webinars, interesting news and more.

All of this plus more can be done with the help of your virtual assistant. While he is busy attracting followers and potential customers, you can focus on your important tasks. In no time, you will see the outcome. Your popularity will soar like a distinguished leader. You will be amazed with the results of the social media marketing services.

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing: Planning Ahead To Make Your Life Easier

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The growing popularity of social media websites makes them attractive channels for promotion, lead generation and customer service hubs. Due to the strength of social media and the expertise that virtual assistants (VA) pour in for their clients’ businesses by using the best social networking sites, outsourcing social media marketing to these skilled VAs is also becoming a budding trend. Nonetheless, the word “best” should always be considered if you want to outsource any efforts for social media marketing for you to reap more productive results compared to your competitors who are also taking advantage of the social media marketing craze.

The following are some helpful pointers you need to ponder on to make a wise decision that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Choose a credible social media expert

Many are called but few are chosen as the saying goes. This also applies to outsourcing social media marketing. Several people will claim that they are “social media experts.” You should know who the real deal is. A social media expert should be able to present you with a social media marketing plan that you can thoroughly understand, and be involved with. The essence of social media is interaction so it would be wise that you are involved in the effort.

Testimonials from current clients of an outsourcing company can also be helpful for you to make a sound choice. Testimonials and kudos from other clients that they’ve worked with will give you the assurance that you are hiring someone who knows that they are doing.

It would be wise if you chose the company that makes you feel the most comfortable in answering all of your questions. Once you agree on a deal, you need to feel as if you have left your brand in the right hands that will nurture and make it grow.

Consider the strengths of site

Before choosing a particular social networking site, you should have a clear vision first. Since you know your business the best, ask yourself questions like “How will Twitter help your business?” Evaluate the site’s functionality and how you can utilize it as a tool to fulfill your needs. Do a thorough analysis and once you’ve decided what social media matches your needs and wants, that’s the time to relay the objectives, needs and wants to a virtual assistant to transform your dreams into reality. Your virtual assistant will also help you in the decision making by providing his own insights and strategic plans. In such ways, you will have fruitful interactions that will benefit your company.

Know your target market’s preference

Social Media Marketing

Do research by going to different social networks and try to search for your brand and/or keywords. Try to see if people are talking about them on whatever sites. Be aware of your competitors. Try to look for social sites they are using. Also, try to see if they have attracted several followers or if people are talking about them in whatever sites they may be using. Base your decisions on numbers and facts. You can also ask your customers about social media they are using or prefer back up your data.

Match specific goals with specific time

It would be very useful if you a match a particular goal with an ideal time that it needs to be achieved. Say for example if you use Facebook for your promotional campaign; give your virtual assistant some goals, like gaining 500 fans in one months time. If you prefer Twitter, set a specific goal like 2 relevant tweets a day related to your business which followers find interesting and which they can retweet. In such way, you can monitor the progress of your social media efforts.

Outsourcing social media services often provides the best solution for companies that have limited resources when it comes to time and social media expertise. The trick is to know the best social media platform for you and to tap the services of social media experts who can deliver. The pointers mentioned above are made to make outsourcing social media marketing easier.

Get Ahead of the Social Media Marketing Game by Getting Back To Basics

SMMSocial Media revolves around 3 elements—Listening, Participating, and Content. These are common platforms to create a name in the mainstream social media traffic. The job functions of your social media virtual assistant would generally cover these three vital areas. Now, it is time to get ahead of the game and achieve maximum productivity carrying out the same fundamentals. Here are some common steps you and your VA should take to cover up all potholes and create an efficient and distinguishable social media action.

Be in the Know

Studies have shown that we can best recall things when we listen to it. Same thing goes with social media. This is the world of online interaction where virtual conversations go from one end to another. This is how things flow in the social media realm. It is the job of your social media virtual assistant to know the latest, get the hottest craze, and be in the thick of all social happenings. By knowing what people are talking about, you can very well identify what to give them. Next thing you know, you’ll have an online trade of supply and demand.

Create Connections

This is biology’s mutualism at its finest. In the real world, this is a biological interaction where both individuals benefit from each other. Same goes in the social arena, you survive by cooperating with someone else. Your VA can connect to leaders in your own field to be able to garner distinction and develop a mutual exchange to aid each other. Other than that, you can also reach out to interested parties as you work to create a clear-cut status in the social platform. After all, to be able to be the best you have to learn from the best, right?

Quality Serves as Free Press

How to Create a Company Blog

You can get the hype you need as long as you provide good, quality content. You strive to get attention, and by getting attention you should post up a credible profile. This will come in forms of your text, the links you share, the videos you upload. Better come up with the best and believable resources that can help you be identified. If you can be able to pull this off, followers will just come flocking and asking for more.

Join in

This occupies a larger scope of your social media virtual assistant task list. It is common knowledge that the world of social media thrives in the interaction of every possible party. It is a never-ending practice of comments, sharing, replies and invites. The more you get involved and become pro-active, the more chances of attracting interested parties.

Become the Powerhouse

It will always be your mission to get ahead of everybody else. Social media is not for dummies who would back out at the sight of any possible challenge. This social arena is the venue to outlast and outwit anyone who comes in your way.  How do you deal with these? Well, , it makes sense to get back to the 3 basics. When you lay out good efforts to listen, participate, and create good, quality content then there is no other way than up. But this doesn’t mean that you have to stop here. This is a continuous struggle to stay on the top of your game and produce good positive results that would amass a relative increase in your following.

This may not seem to be for the faint-hearted but truth be told, everyone’s welcome to dive in the social media field. The only thing that would spell out your existence in this domain is how you approach the social community. always keep in mind to have a balanced approach on the three fundamentals. Productivity is just around the corner, question is, how can you be able to make out and maximize this? Well, if you’re still in the process of figuring things out, you can always call for some social media virtual assistant services.  Remember, social media covers no boundaries as long you know how to weather and make it over every hurdle.

Social Media Virtual Assistant – Your New Business Partner

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The dawn of the global net hoopla has made the World Wide Web a venue for social media to reach out to the cyberspace community. Social media has paved the way for an interactive communication for people on the web. In line with the continued growth of cyber publishing trades is the increased need for social media virtual assistants.

Many of the thriving business industries rely on social media and web marketing. This enables them to talk to millions of social network users and present them with their own trading brand. Social media has different aspects that need to be integrated into your business in order for it to be successful.

Here are some major social media tasks you may have for your virtual assistant to stay ahead of the curve.

Perform Social Media Research, Strategies, and Action Planning

Simply put, this is an integrated social media business plan. Most of the tasks involve market research. It involves the laying out of fundamental business drivers such as revenue, expenses and financial leads. This tackles mostly your target consumers and the kind of brand you are offering to the public. After pointing out specific consumers and competition they would then be able to generate an action formula that would best present your own product to social network communities.

Setup Social Network Profiles

Mainstream social media is a high-traffic trade where only the best get noticed. In establishing your own network, you always have to put your best foot forward. Otherwise, online users will just flip through your page and head straight to the next searched profile they may find. A social network profile is your cyber façade that should engage and attract the online populace. This is where your strategy starts, so better come up with the best one before any other competition would bunk you below them.

Use Marketing Strategies on Social Network Sites

How to Create a Company Blog

The primary objective of social networking sites is to reach out to people. You may use the reaching out principle to your own advantage and set forth on an online campaign for your own brand. This may help boost the exposure of your product and increase the inflow of interested buyers.

Blogging is indeed important now. Start having one for your own company. This might be a way for you to attract more leads and establish your name in the business. Or, if you have the plan but no time to do (it), we have virtual assistants who can create and maintain a blog for you and your business!

Perform Article Marketing, Blog Commenting, and Forum Posting

This is more about visibility and exposure. Reaching out to people in the social community takes on different forms. Article marketing would at least give the network a comprehensive and elaborate view of what you may have to offer. Blog commenting and forum posting, on the other hand, will open up ways for possible interaction. Replies and reaction can be generated and this would serve as feedback that would help you sight out possible shortcomings and errors in your business service. These kinds of tasks are generally performed by a social media virtual assistant.

Manage Your Social Network and Online Reputation

After you have developed a credible profile and reputation for your business, the hard challenge is how you maintain it. Managing would mean accentuating the positive and improving on the negative. Social media lives by reputation and it is your job to adapt and ponder on the criticisms as you try to improve and enhance to become a better online entity.

Social media trends would almost always focus on the target consumer rather than the ways to do it. By knowing your target market you will have a greater understanding of the necessities and further steps that need to be taken to move forward. You have to understand the customer’s standpoint and formulate a business objective. After all, it is all about preparation. It is more of a holistic approach since you have to deal with an array of online personas.  To act around these parameters requires a keen sense of direction and mission to deliver good quality social media marketing services. Then, you can get aboard the exciting ride of social media.